Book the Malta holiday of your dreams with us, formerly Travel Organization Malta Advice is the Malta specialist from home. We have almost 30 years of experience with Malta and Gozo. The extensive knowledge of this Mediterranean country in the Mediterranean Sea, we will introduce you to the endless culture, the eventful history, the fantastically beautiful nature with its rocky landscapes, the beautiful hiking opportunities and the culinary wealth of beautiful Malta. You can already book your Malta holiday with us about 300 days before departure.*

This new website is in principle still being developed. As a result, you will undoubtedly see text and images, or a combination thereof, on our website that we will adjust.

Nevertheless, we thought it would be a good idea to let you get used to our new name, style and website. We hope for your understanding.

Now plenty of malta holidays and gozo holidays available for 2023.

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Why book with

Some keywords why you should book with us. Most experience, best experience, most and correct knowledge of the country, personal contact, travel guarantee, payment arrangement.

Completely according to your wishes

Never standard package holidays. We always put together a trip the way you want it. In principle, it is always with us, "everything is possible".

Very high price / quality

You deal directly with us and we in turn directly with the partners in Malta. No extra links. You will, and if we are in Malta at the same time as you, are sure to meet us during your stay in Malta.

No hidden costs

Never no extra or hidden costs. You will see this immediately when you receive the first quote without any obligation. Everything neat and tidy and well-arranged and listed separately with prices per part.

STO-Garant travel guarantee

We are affiliated with STO-Garant travel guarantee. This organization is especially for small and specialized travel organizations.

Certo Escrow

You never pay directly to us. You always pay the Certo Escrow third-party funds foundation. This keeps your money safe. We will only receive the full amount minus the ecrow costs when you return from vacation.

Activities - Excursions

Below you can see some of the excursions that you can book with us. This can be done simultaneously with the booking of the package holiday, but also after you have booked. Excursion trips with accommodation in various accommodations change from week to week.

You can also, and at all times, book every Malta excursion and also several Malta excursions separately with us.


Below we show you 4 types of trips which we sell with great regularity. We also sell single trips, monastic holidays, cycling / mountain bike holidays, walking holidays and certainly also separate excursions.

Standard Package Holidays


Diving trips


Group bookings


Travel excursions


Discount package tours

This includes weekly changing extra discount package trips with discounts of up to 40%.

Customer Reviews

In this section we always and alternately show you some customer reviews. We also change the years, so that you get a fair picture.

Directly to a special promotion

With the special action button you go directly to a one-off action for a Malta holiday. These can be standard trips, diving trips, excursion trips and also single and group trips.

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